Lasallian Education

The Lasallian mission embodies the vision and innovative spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, patron saint of all teachers and founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Christian Brothers).

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The Mission

The Lasallian mission provides a human and Christian education to the young,

including those who would not typically be able to afford one. In the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN), the mission serves more than 100,000 people through a network of 100+ colleges/universities, secondary schools, middle and elementary schools, and other ministries in the United States and Canada.

Our Founder

Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers, founded the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Christian Brothers), a unique group of lay religious men dedicated exclusively to education. Founded in 17th century France, De La Salle’s mission lives on in 80 countries, with 4,000 Brothers and 90,000 Partners serving one million young people in 1,000 ministries.

The 5 Core Lasallian Principles

Lasallian School are built upon 5 core principles, which include:

  • Faith in the Presence of God
  • Concern for the Poor and Social Justice
  • Quality Eduction
  • Inclusive Community
  • Respect for All Persons


It all began with an idea. Saint John Baptist De la Salle thought, “Maybe there is a different way to approach students and education all together.” The result has been a 340 year long story of commitment to that same idea. Students first.

Hear from the Administration

Faith in the Presence of God

The Lasallian school nurtures belief in the living presence of God in our world. Faith in the presence of God calls all students into a deeper awareness of their saving relationship with a caring and loving God and to see the world through the “eyes of faith.”

Concern for the Poor and Social Justice

The Lasallian school calls its members to an awareness of the poor and victims of injustice and responds to their needs through programs of community service, advocacy, and justice education.

Quality Education

The Lasallian school provides an education that prepares students not only for college and career but also for life. Students use their talents to critically examine the world in light of the message of the Gospels.

Inclusive Community

The Lasallian school is a united community where diversity is respected, where no one is left out, and where everyone finds a place. Individuals within the school community recognize and accept another’s strengths and limitations. 

Respect for All Persons

The Lasallian school engages in a concerted effort to respect the dignity of all persons. Respect- filled relationships are at the heart of Lasallian education and are a key expression of the acknowledgement of each other’s identity as children of God.

To touch the hearts of your students is the greatest miracle you can perform.

John Baptist de La Salle Our Founder