About Us

Saint Patrick High School is the oldest all-male Catholic high school in the city of Chicago. Established in 1861, the Shamrocks are deeply rooted in tradition, strengthened by brotherhood and founded on the Lasallian principles of education which help prepare our young men to succeed in life after high school.

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Saint Patrick High School is founded by our Lasallian Faith. Our students are grounded in these principals: Faith in the Presence of God, Concern for the Poor and Social Justice, Respect for All Persons, Quality Education, and Inclusive Community. Live Jesus in Our Hearts Forever!




Saint Patrick High School is the oldest all-male Catholic high school in Chicago. Rooted in 161 of rich tradition, the Shamrock alumni network actively assists our young men with transitioning from high school to college and beyond. Shamrock pride is deep and strong.




The Shamrock brotherhood cannot adequately be described without seeing and feeling the special connection amongst our young men. The relationships formed span beyond friendships. They are life long connections that serve as a support system throughout a student’s life.



Our Mission

Serving students from diverse backgrounds since 1861, Saint Patrick, the oldest all-male Catholic high school in Chicago, transforms boys into young men. Guided by innovative Lasallian principles, we prepare leaders inspired by faith, tradition and brotherhood.


Our Vision

To empower young men to pursue excellence, contribute to an ever-changing world, and live a life of faith, zeal and purpose.


Our student body consists of young men from all across the Chicagoland area, and beyond. They come from families with a wide range of ethnicities, ideologies, financial capabilities and religious beliefs. Together, we are Shamrocks. We would love for you to consider joining our family and experiencing the brotherhood Saint Patrick has to offer.

Saint Patrick recognizes and appreciates that a diverse student body is blessed with a wide range of academic talent. We capitalize on this diversity by integrating various programs of learning which allow students to take full advantage of real-life, problem solving scenarios.

The Shamrock Alumni base has grown to over 13,000 men in our rich, dense history. The network of men available to help our current students is vast, active and engaged. It is the largest all-male alumni base in the city of Chicago and it serves our students by way of mentorship programs, benefaction, scholarship funding, and much more.