The performing and visual arts in a school are as unique and important to a school as the curriculum. Saint Patrick High School exposes every student to the Fine Arts program throughout their four years. The Lowell L. Stahl Cultural Centre is a symbol of our commitment to this program.


The Art Department offers opportunities for students to be inspired, develop  creative problem-solving skills, critique and articulate ideas, identify and express their own viewpoints, and develop an appreciation of different theories, ideas, and diverse cultures. Through our courses, our students develop a mastery of drawing, painting, digital art, digital photography and graphic design. The Art Department is directed by Cyndi Wood

Saint Patrick High School Choir


The Music Department celebrates the transformative power of music through a variety of classes for the singer and instrumentalist. Courses include Concert Band, two Jazz Bands,  Percussion Ensemble, two Men’s Choirs, as well as a Beginning Band. Classwork also includes competitions, as well as co-curricular ensembles, and multiple performance opportunities. We also connect students with private lessons that can be taken during the school day. The Band is directed by Derrick Tate and the choir directed by Markeise Russell.


The philosophy of the Saint Patrick High School Theatre program reflects a passionate commitment to train students according to the highest standards. The fulfillment of this purpose implies full attention to the discipline of theatre as well as to the creative experience in all phases of theatre activity-technical as well as artistic. It is also our goal to challenge our students to expand their thoughts, abilities and talents through the medium of theatre. The Theatre Department is directed by Jim Yost.


One credit in Fine Arts is required, usually 318 Fine Arts and another half credit Fine Art course. Students may choose an elective from art, theatre, band, and chorus as their other half credit. 318 Fine Arts may be substituted with another beginning class in art, theatre, band, and chorus with permission from the instructor.


CYNDI WOOD / Department Chair

(773) 282-8844, ext. 238

ELISE REYES / Art Teacher

(773) 282-8844, ext. 279

JIM YOST / Theatre Director

(773) 282-8844, ext. 276

DERRICK TATE / Music Director

(773) 282-8844, ext. 260


(773) 282-8844, ext. 225


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