When will the drawings take place (deadline to sell)?

There will be two “Early Bird” drawings of $500 each held on October 13 and October 27. The Grand Prize drawings will be held on November 10, 2023.

What should I do if I choose to opt out of selling tickets and pay the $750 myself?

We recommend you do this through your family’s personal fundraising webpage so that you are entered into the drawing. If you would rather pay in smaller installments month-to-month, you can purchase a ticket or two through your family’s page each month until you have met your minimum.


Is the $750 fundraising requirement PER STUDENT or PER FAMILY?

We ask that each Shamrock FAMILY raise a minimum of $750 for the Shamrock Sweepstakes. If you have multiple Saint Patrick High School students in your household you are only required to sell a total of 15 tickets ($750.)

What happens if a friend or family member wants to purchase a ticket but does not want to pay online?

Not a problem! We will enter them into the sweepstakes manually. Please collect your contact’s first/last name, phone number, email, address, city/state/zip and the SPHS Institutional Advancement staff will enter them into the drawing. When you submit their information and cash/check to the front office, please include a note with your son’s name and ID number on it so we can ensure credit goes to the correct student/family.

What happens if my family does not meet the minimum fundraising requirement?

In an effort to minimize the number of fundraisers we ask our school families to participate in each year, we decided to streamline the ask into one annual fundraiser, which is the Shamrock Sweepstakes. Saint Patrick High School depends on $350,000 from this fundraiser annually, which helps keep our academic programming current. If you do not meet the requirement, your balance will be added onto your tuition bill in November of 2023.


What happens if a family member or friend wants to make a general donation to the school in lieu of entering the Sweepstakes?

Not a problem! The donation amount will be added to your total dollars raised.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my fundraising webpage or process?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please direct questions regarding online fundraising or ticket sales to Pat Duggan ‘90 ( or (773) 282-8844, ext. 282).

If someone purchases a ticket from me online, do they receive a unique ticket number or cofirmation specific to their ticket?

The online purchaser will receive a confirmation email. They are then immediately entered into a computerized “pot” that will randomly be pulled from (digitally) for the Early Bird Drawings and for the Grand Prize Drawings.