Rich Raho


Dear Lasallians,

As we celebrate the great Easter-event, we are reminded that this awesome season of life and hope spills over into a fifty- day celebration. In fact, at every Sunday Mass we celebrate the Easter-event: Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again, we acclaim for 52 weeks a year in every corner of Christendom. The Risen Christ is here among us in a unique way to remind us that our lives our not purposeless, that we do not travel alone, that Someone cares and that one day we too shall shine bright and beautiful with the fullness of the Risen Christ’s love.

A meditative piece that I would like to offer comes from the writer Anne Dillard. This popular author had converted to Catholicism and here is how she looked at that step. She said that at a Catholic Mass surrounded by so many people from different backgrounds with many different colors, shapes and ages, she said, “I am taking a stand with these people. Here I am. One of the people who love God.”We are part of a whole civilization in danger of forgetting the true God. We are in the fast lane of agnosticism or practical atheism which is established on this point of view: Even if there is a God, God really doesn’t matter to me. The Easter Event is a gigantic spiritual huddle by which we hope to get inspired, challenged, comforted, forgiven, and loved by the person of Jesus Christ. Integral to Him is the restoration of the true God to pre-eminence in human life. It all begins by remembering God and God’s loving acts in human history.The followers of Christ were forever changed by the victory of Christ over death and by meeting the Risen Lord in the weeks after Easter. May it happen again this Easter as we gather in prayer and are able to say, “I am taking a stand with these people. Here I am. One of the people who love God.”

What a promising message and astonishing admonition for this season of Easter joy! Allow the Risen Christ to break the chains that bind us, especially those that bind our families, so that we might open our hearts to make room for the One who sets us free-the great liberator, Jesus the Christ.

May we all continue to support and encourage one another as we pray: Stay with us Lord…Live in our hearts forever.

Rich Raho
Campus Minister