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The College Prep Phoenix Program

The Phoenix Program offers a dynamic college preparatory program for students who are in need of additional academic support. Though Saint Patrick High School does not specifically offer special education courses, we recognize that there are families who want their sons to receive a Catholic education in a safe, nurturing, and challenging academic environment. Our Phoenix Program was created to provide this opportunity, offering students a curriculum designed to support their academic strengths and help them grow in the areas in need of improvement.

How the Program Works

During their freshman year, students in the Phoenix Program attend a daily Resource Period. The purpose of the Resource Period is to assist students with issues like time management, assessments, homework, and the reinforcement of English and Mathematics. Staff support during the Resource Period includes two faculty members, a teaching aide and a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who serve as tutors. This arrangement allows the ability to assist students in a variety of ways, from large group instruction to one-on-one support. While the Resource Period is a core part of the freshman Phoenix schedule, sophomores, juniors, or seniors may benefit from this arrangement as well.

Supplemental Summer Programs

Incoming freshmen take the Phoenix Summer Program, which encompasses courses in English and reading, mathematics and study skills as well as a course on Microsoft Office applications. This program gives them one academic credit toward their graduation requirements and allows them to fit the Resource Period into their regular school year schedule. Students who might benefit from additional support in their later high school years are also encouraged to take courses over the subsequent summers to accommodate the Resource Period.

Because additional support in English/Reading and Mathematics is essential for success in the Phoenix Program, students who are enrolled in either Phoenix English or Mathematics for their sophomore, junior, and senior years will need to take supplemental support classes during the summer. Between freshman and sophomore years, students can also take the Office Applications II or Principals of Visual Design course to allow them to take advantage of the additional support of the Resource Program during their sophomore year.

Family Involvement in the Program

During the spring of the eighth grade year, families will be scheduled for a staffing meeting with the teachers of the Phoenix program. This staffing will give families an opportunity to meet the faculty and to begin to work together to formulate a plan for the student’s success based upon the IEP/504 plan and his elementary school academic history.

A Wide Variety of Academic Support

The Program offers several types of academic support to aid students with core instruction in English, Mathematics, and Language Arts.

Learn More

For further information about the Phoenix Program, please contact Mr. Christopher Perez, the Director of Curriculum, or Mr. Joseph Smailis, the Resource Counselor.

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