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The College Prep Phoenix LEVEL OF COURSES


All students have the potential to achieve academic success.  At Saint Patrick High School, we are committed to meeting the diverse learning needs of each student.  Our mission is to foster self-advocacy skills in each student while promoting an environment where all students have equal access to educational opportunities in order to develop to their maximum potential as lifelong learners and assets to society and the Church.


Students who are enrolled in Phoenix level courses attend a daily Resource Period. The purpose of the Resource Period is to assist students with skills like time management, taking assessments, completing homework, and the reinforcement of English and Mathematics. Staff support during the Resource Period includes two faculty members, a teaching aide, and peer tutors. This arrangement allows the ability to assist students in a variety of ways, from large group instruction to one-on-one support.


Freshmen who are enrolled in Phoenix level courses are required to take the Summer Bridge Program, which encompasses reinforcement in English, reading, mathematics and study skills as well as a course on Microsoft Office applications. This program gives students one academic credit toward their graduation requirements and allows them to fit the Resource Period into their regular school year schedule. Students who might benefit from additional support in their later high school years are also encouraged to take courses over the subsequent summers to accommodate the Resource Period.

This year’s Summer Bridge Program will run from Monday, July 8 to Thursday, August 1 from 8:00 AM to 3:20 PM.  Attendance for all four weeks is required.


Prior to the start of the school year, families will be scheduled for a staffing meeting with the teachers of the Phoenix courses.  This staffing will give families an opportunity to meet the faculty and to begin to work together to formulate a plan for the student’s success based upon the IEP/504 plan and his elementary school academic history.


The courses offer several types of academic support to aid students with core instruction in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

Classroom Accommodations: Based on the recommendations from an IEP or 504 plan as well as testing results, students may receive extended time on tests, assistance with note taking, preferential seating, and several other specific accommodations. The IEP and/or 504 plan should be provided to Saint Patrick High School prior to the testing day in December of each year and should be current from the last school year.

Differentiation: Teachers differentiate their instruction based on their students’ learning needs.  We use a variety of supplemental materials to provide additional support in class.  Teachers modify their instructional methods to best support the needs of their learners, particularly those of adolescent males.

Consistency: Consistent routines in classroom organization and procedures are used by the teachers of Phoenix level courses, especially those as related to executive function skill building.  This includes the use of a binder system and assignment notebook.

Teacher Support: Teachers receive pertinent information from the administration about the students in their classes and insight on how to work with them effectively to improve learning engagement and success. Teachers have also received professional development in adapting and modifying their instructional practices to benefit students with specific learning needs.

Support in English and Language Arts: Freshmen who are registered for Phoenix level English I will typically also have Language Arts I, a course that will reinforce reading skills. This Language Arts course takes the place of a world language course. Should a student continue to benefit from additional Language Arts support in his sophomore year, he would be enrolled in Language Arts II. Those students who then wish to take a world language can do so beginning in junior year, if approved.


For further information about Phoenix coursework, please contact Mr. Christopher Perez, the Director of Curriculum at or 773-282-8844, ext. 228.  For further information about the modifications and accommodations that can be supported, please contact Mrs. Lisa Bodnar, the Director of Student Services and Diverse Learning Coordinator at or 773-282-8844, ext. 244.


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