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Why I Chose Saint Patrick: Joseph Stauber

The Staubers wanted their son to find a high school where he could do his best academically and have challenges in that realm, but say they also wanted him to have a good life. They felt it was important for him to balance it all — academics, activities, community and values, personality fit, and overall quality of life. At the end of the day, after all the research, Open Houses, Shadow Days and conversations, St. Pat’s seemed like the best option for him to achieve that balance.

Here is why the Stauber family chose Saint Patrick High School in their own words.

Academics are very important, of course, but being a healthy, happy person with a whole life also matters. Our son has always done well in school and the St. Pat’s honors program felt like a good fit. A solid foundation, but with a manageable amount of homework, so he could do other things such as play volleyball, which is important to him. We felt like Saint Patrick had a healthier balance compared to some other schools — plus it offers a supportive, values-driven environment at a really critical time in his development and growth as a person.

Our son shadowed at a few schools and he noticed that St. Pat’s felt more like the real world. We live in the city because we want to raise a kid in the real world — it’s a richer experience of life, and it’s the world in which he will work someday. It seems like an aspect of the “Brotherhood” message too; to know that all kinds of people truly are your brother.

An alumnus from our parish and neighborhood was a big influence too. Both of his sons went to St. Pat’s, and he and his wife are big fans. We had looked at all the options and, honestly, were feeling overwhelmed at one point in the process. He encouraged us to take a closer look at St. Pat’s. If our son turns out to be half as intelligent, grounded, and thoughtful as this man, we’ll all be happy.

So, that neighbor got us to take a serious look, and then talking with more parents of currently enrolled students sealed the deal. That parental component is huge. It’s important to us that he’s at a school where parents are committed – where there is a culture where everyone (inside and outside the school) shares high standards and is committed to creating an environment where all our boys can do well. The whole “it takes a village” idea.

The school has an incredibly strong heritage plus it is always evolving. We really like that the school has something for everyone — arts, athletics, technology, different levels of programs for different types of students, etc. It’s not a school for predominantly one type or one level of student. It’s real and it’s diverse on many levels. The freshman year honors program was more challenging than our son expected, which was a good adjustment and at our first parent night, we were impressed by the faculty – by their high expectations and their dedication.

Socially, it’s been wonderful to see how he has formed so many new friendships. (Honestly, I didn’t get the whole “Brotherhood” thing at first – but I sure see it now! And it’s great for him.). He enjoys everything about attending St. Pat’s — cheering with the Stud Section at games, going to the Wellness Center with friends after school, the Homecoming Dance, etc. He plays club volleyball based at the school and also plays for the Shamrocks. No matter what he’s doing he feels at home at St. Pat’s and has made so many friends.

At one of our first orientation nights in the gym, Brian (O’Connor) told the boys to look across the gym, that these guys you see in the bleachers will be at your wedding and will be your friends for life. It’s true. Our son came to St. Pat’s with a handful of friends from elementary school. He will leave with even more. It feels great to see that foundation grow for him, and to see them all grow together into amazing young men.

To learn more about Saint Patrick High School, visit us at our Fall Open Houses on Thursday, October 24 and Thursday, November 14 from 6-8 pm. There are also opportunities to be a Shamrock for a Day by scheduling a Shadow Day.

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