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Letter to the Shamrock Family from Jeffrey Troxell ’72

My Shamrock Brothers and Sisters,

I am taking this opportunity to say “THANKS”, share some of my reflections for the past 45 years (plus my own 4 years as a student), and express my HOPES for the future of Saint Patrick High School.

First, THANKS for your personal and kind remembrances of our RELATIONSHIPS over the past seven decades; I am genuinely humbled by your expressions of the influence you felt that I had in your life and appreciate your support of my future.  Know that your TRUST in me helped me GROW as a person, thereby granting me the faith and confidence to continue to SERVE Saint Patrick for all these years.

Along this journey I have been influenced by many … my parents who taught me the value of education and service … by my classmates for sharing with me the sense of loyalty and competition in those critically, formative high school years … by my colleagues, modeling the characteristics of what it means to be a teacher, and unconditionally sharing their leadership and support … by my students forcing me to realize my role in their motivation to learn and succeed … and by our families who reinforced that education is a partnership.

Over the years I have witnessed the responsibility of ownership of the Lasallian Mission to include lay colleagues, students and their families, alumni, and Board of Trustees.  Diversity continues to be a strength and is now recognized beyond race or ethnicity to include faith, academic ability, socio-economic status, extra-curricular talents, maturity, and identity.  We continue to serve young men from hardworking and appreciative families.  The students grow in maturity and confidence and graduate with the ability to be successful in the next stages of their life.  They continue to come back to celebrate with us their story.

I HOPE that:

– Saint Patrick High School can continue to serve the young men of Chicago in the Lasallian tradition.

– Our students and their families continue to recognize the value of the Shamrock Experience.

– Saint Patrick continues to attract men and women of proven experience to lead and serve our community in all aspects of student life: academic, extracurricular, faith, and service.

– Our alumni become more supportive of their school.

– Our personal relationships continue to develop in the spirit of acceptance and respect.

– Pride/Brotherhood continues to be one of our cornerstones.

I have been truly BLESSED.


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