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Four Shamrocks Named Students of the Month

Saint Patrick High School is pleased to announce the following Shamrocks have been named Student of the Month for December 2017/January 2018.

Name: Sean Burke
Year: Freshman
Grade School: Immaculate Conception
Reason for Nomination: Sean works very hard in class, everyday. He always does the right thing and is helpful to others. He truly displays the values that Saint Patrick tries to instill in its students.

Name: Danny McCarthy & Charlie Moskal
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: St. Mary of the Woods/Oriole Park
Reason for Nomination: Danny & Charlie did a phenomenal job in Speech class last semester. Their outlines were well-organized, followed MLA format, and included excellent points and evidence. They frequently volunteered to present on the first day of speeches which really helped the rest of the class see a good model of how to do well on the assignment. They also put forth extra effort when we were in the library by helping other students when they finished their work early. They were a pleasure to have in class and will be missed second semester as they take another elective course.

Name: Dominic Sabella
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy
Reason for Nomination: Dominic is always fully engaged in his Chinese class and puts his best effort into every assignment. He is a good listener and always pleasant to work with. He is also friendly and willing to help his classmates.

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