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Five Shamrocks Named Student of the Month

Saint Patrick High School is pleased to announce the following Shamrocks have been named Student of the Month for August/September 2017.

Name: Danny Hernandez
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: St. Ferdinand
Reason for Nomination: Danny works extremely hard every day and is one of the best self-advocates I know. He has the ability to self-assess and make adjustments to his academics and daily routine when needed. Danny is always happy, and he brings his positive energy to every class.

Name: Brandon Banda
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: St. Odilo
Reason for Nomination: Brandon shows tremendous initiative in completing assignments and giving them their due time. He has started short papers even before I have posted them in Google classroom because he is always asking me what we will be doing. He is curious and wants to do well, and shows a great intellect in this subject matter.

Name: William Martinez
Year: Junior
Grade School: Smyser
Reason for Nomination: After Open House, Will stayed behind to ensure that a another student had a ride and was able to be picked up. This particular student needs a little extra help and Will was more than generous, after a long day, to make sure his fellow Shamrock was ok.

Name: John Mulcrone
Year: Senior
Grade School: Immaculate Conception
Reason for Nomination: John is a leader who exemplifies the Shamrock spirit. As a member of the Student Council he is in the forefront of helping organize, implement and run many of the events here at school. He is fun to be around, he is a committed student, and a great role model for all of our younger students.

Name: Sean Collins
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: St. Juliana
Reason for Nomination: In Web Page Design, Sean understands the classroom content and is quick to assist others who are struggling. His kindness and mentoring exemplifies what it means to be a Shamrock.

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