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Dear Saint Patrick – Tommy Busam ’18

Dear Saint Patrick,

Four years ago I walked into the Belmont Atrium doors with my dad to take the entrance exam. We stood alone, against one of the white poles in the back. I had become familiar with a few of the guys through summer camps and summer orientation, but not enough yet to go hang with them before the test began. It was through Coach Bailey’s basketball camps that I first got familiar with St. Pat’s. I started attending them in 4th grade with some of my friends from my grammar school, Saint Paul of the Cross. When it came time to pick a high school, it became clear those same guys were going in other directions. I, on the other hand, had made up my mind that Saint Patrick was the place I was going to spend my next four years.

It was extremely easy transitioning into high school, and I quickly got involved in various clubs and activities. Getting involved with multiple sports early was a great way to become familiar with the school and make great friends. Two years in the basketball program taught me the importance of discipline, communication, and dedication. I am currently in my fourth year playing baseball here for Coach Kusinski. Apart from the hours upon hours I have put in at practice and at games, the lessons I will take from this game will carry with me for the rest of my life. No matter your struggle or challenge, there will always be a next at-bat and next pitch to change that around. Additionally, I have gained the valuable knowledge that group success and working together surpasses any personal accomplishment or personal accolades.

I have also gotten involved in areas outside of athletics. Organizations like Spanish Club and Academic Team have allowed me to expand my interests and curiosities. The Academic Team was actually the first club I joined at St. Pat’s. Led by Mr. Ebrom, the Academic Team is a trivia-based competition team that participates in tournaments throughout the year. The club was so interesting, and I certainly enjoyed it a lot, but it was Mr. Ebrom who really made the Academic Team, and my four years here, so special. Besides being the club’s fearless moderator, he was my math teacher for three years. Mr. Ebrom taught me that no matter the situation, a witty sense of humor and some solid perseverance is all you need. I cannot thank him enough for all he’s done for me over my time here.

I attended an Open House in 7th grade at St. Pat’s where I first became familiar with the term brotherhood. With this came how students here look out for each other and stay friends long after they walk out the doors of Holy Name Cathedral. Now, as somehow I come to the realization that my time here is drawing to a close, I understand what they meant. I have had so many amazing experiences over the past four years and am so grateful to the teachers, coaches, counselors, and friends who have made my time here so enjoyable. As I prepare to attend Marquette University in the fall, I feel fully prepared to handle the heavy workload and unfamiliarity that lies ahead. Thank you for everything. Go Rocks!


Tommy Busam ‘18

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