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Dear Saint Patrick – Rudy Cazenave ’21

Dear Saint Patrick,

It seems like it was just yesterday that I had my first introduction to Saint Patrick High School’s unique and remarkably unified community. It was football camp in the summer of sixth grade. As soon as I jumped out of the car I was greeted by Coach Galante’s smiling and welcoming face. I shook his hand and he greeted me by name as if I had played for him for years. This made me feel welcome and that I belonged at Saint Patrick. All of the other coaches and student counselors had this same welcoming nature. Later that summer, I attended Coach Bailey’s basketball camp. I quickly learned that this supportive, lighthearted, and enthusiastic atmosphere was not just characteristic of the football program. The student counselors were eager to welcome us into their school and share their passion and skills with us. By the end of the summer, I knew I would not only be shadowing, but walking the halls as a freshman in a couple of years.

My shadow experience was the most influential experience that confirmed my high school selection decision. I saw, and eventually experienced, that not only do Shamrocks come together on the field/court but in the classroom too. I saw all different kinds of kids with all different kinds of Shamrock gear from different backgrounds enjoying being in school, and being together. I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I would come to learn that this is the brotherhood that is constantly evident at St. Pat’s.

As a freshman, I was challenged by the Honors curriculum, but I was never overwhelmed. Throughout my time in the classroom I experienced great support from every teacher if I ever needed it, and I am grateful. The individual attention given to each of us adds to the feeling of St. Pat’s being like a family. Not only do they care about our academic success, but about our personal and extracurricular achievements too. They have truly been role models of how I can be a caring and receptive brother, mentor, and friend.

Because of this guidance from my teachers I was able to succeed in my academic responsibilities. I was then able to spend a lot of time enjoying sports and clubs. I was encouraged to try new activities. Coach Griffin welcomed me to Track and Field as a thrower which I had never done before. Time really went fast since I was having so much fun. I have made some great memories and friends, and learned many lessons throughout my time on the Football and Track and Field teams. I have made some of my best memories in these groups. One bond that I will remember forever is the one I shared with kids in my choir class. The class was a culmination of all different groups of Shamrocks. We had athletes and art types, and kids from all different backgrounds, and we all got along. This cohesive body made it easier to go out and perform because I knew that if I messed up I’d have my encouraging brothers behind my back. One lesson I learned from Coach Guerra is to not just spend the time, but to invest it.

I believe I have done that to the best of my abilities; however, that would not have been as possible without the great opportunities St. Pat’s atmosphere provides. With the foundation St. Pat’s has given me, I am fully confident in my ability to successfully face any challenge or situation that I may come across with full confidence. I have grown physically, intellectually and spiritually because of the lessons I learned at St. Pat’s. Deciding to attend Saint Patrick will go down in my life story as one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Thank you, St. Pat’s and know that as I walk out of the doors for the last time as a student, I leave all of you my heartfelt gratitude and proudly take with me the lifelong membership in the Shamrock brotherhood.

Rudy Cazenave ’21

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