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Brotherhood Week – Testimonial #5 (Karrar Ebraheemi ’18)

I’ve been at St. Pat’s since freshman year so I feel like I’ve seen it all. I moved from my home country Iraq back in 2013, leaving everything behind and starting a new chapter. When I first came here I didn’t speak English at all. I grew up speaking Arabic but freshman year was a game changer. After meeting a couple of my fellow Shamrocks that helped me a lot, I learned English slowly.

Brotherhood really means a lot to me. One of the guys I consider my brother is Jeff Bullock. Jeff and I had a strong friendship since we first met and he is the reason why I passed my freshman year first semester. He would always be there when I needed help. Jeff never hesitated to help me out when I needed it and I’ve done my part when he was going through stuff and needed somebody.

Brotherhood is the best thing out there because when you fall, you need a hand to pick you up and it’s your brother for sure. As our high school days are coming to an end, being at St. Pat’s gave me a lot of good things, regardless of any bad. Nobody will ever hold your back as your brothers will.

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