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English Department

The Saint Patrick High School English curriculum is designed to prepare students for future academic work in high school and college and for success in their chosen careers. Most importantly, English classes will help students experience, understand, and appreciate the role played by language, literature, and research in all aspects of life.

In striving to realize these goals, the English Department offers an integrated and comprehensive program. During the freshman year, students are trained in computer word processing and research skills that they will often be required to use throughout their high school years in nearly every subject. Literature, writing skills, grammar usage, and vocabulary development receive emphasis at every level throughout the 19 required four-year English program.

The Phoenix Program gives remedial help to students needing special assistance with language, grammar, and literature.

The Saint De La Salle Program offers the average student the necessary grounding for success in college or in a career.

The Academy Scholars Program (culminating in an Advanced Placement or PACC class for seniors) challenges the academically gifted student.

The Elective Program meets the individual needs and desires of students who wish further exposure to the rich and rewarding world of language and literature.

Graduation Requirements

All students must earn at least four credits over four years from the English Department’s required sequence of course offerings.

Department Chair

Kent Doyle
773-282-8844 ext. 375

English Faculty Members

5900 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60634