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World Language and Fine Arts Selections

Fine Arts

One (1) credit (or two semesters) of Fine Arts coursework is required for graduation. Currently, any member who is in the College Prep/DeLaSalle or Honors/Academy Scholars program is scheduled for the Fine Arts course (indicated as course 318 on your son’s schedule).

Fine Arts (1/2 credit) is a combination of art, music, and theatre that will serve as an entryway into the Fine Arts curriculum at Saint Patrick High School.  Every six weeks of the course will be devoted to one of the three arts areas.  This will provide the students with an informed and experienced perspective on each area so that the student can make his second half-credit fine arts course choice more confidently.  The class is structured to provide the students a creative education. If your son does not have any background in the Fine Arts, then this course is best for him.  You do not need to do anything further with regard to a fine arts selection.

For those students who have had previous exposure to one of the areas in the Fine Arts, we offer the following alternatives for this Fine Arts course.  Please note that all of these courses earn 1.0 credit, so your son will need to take the Microsoft Office Applications I course during the summer to create room in his schedule for any of these courses.

Men’s Choir  (1 credit)  Students will concentrate on the mechanics of singing through proper breathing and tone production. The students will continue to grow in their understanding of sight-singing and tonal memory, as well as reading from page music. Note that an honor’s section of chorus is available by audition.  For more information about Men’s Chorus, please contact Mr. Mark Wozniczka at 773-282-8844 ext. 262 or

Jazz Bands (prior band experience necessary, 1 credit) – An emphasis is placed on learning fundamental skills, techniques, and styles associated with performing jazz band music. Students will be placed in a jazz band based on placement audition and are required to perform in events outside of the school day including concerts, festivals, and pep band performances. All instruments welcome.

Beginning Band (no experience necessary, 1 credit) – This course is open to students with very little or no previous experience who have an interest in learning how to play an instrument. Students in Beginning Band will select an instrument from the following: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, percussion, or electric bass and will perform in two concerts outside of the school day.

Percussion Ensembles (prior experience necessary, 1 credit) – Students will interpret, compose, and perform a wide variety of music using percussion instruments. Students with will be placed in Percussion II or Honors Percussion based on placement audition. Percussion Ensemble students must be able to read music and will perform in public concerts outside of the school day.

* Please note that Band and Percussion students are expected to own or purchase their own instruments.

For more information about the Band or Percussion courses, please contact Mr. Mitchell Clark at 773-282-8844 ext. 260 or

If a student has strong background knowledge in visual art (drawing/painting), he can submit a portfolio of his work for review to see if he is able to move directly into the Visual Design course.  Its description is below.

Visual Design (0.5 credit) Students will develop their drawing skills, and become familiar with the principles of good design. In this studio class students will work in pencil, pen, colored pencils, tempera paint, and copper relief.  The introductory studio class is required for higher level painting and drawing class as well as computer graphics and graphic design classes.

If your son wishes to pursue a different Fine Art course than the introductory course described above, please make that selection on the form below.

World Language

In addition, your son should choose a world language option.  The selection of world language should be determined by future plans and career interests.  Each of the three languages offered by Saint Patrick has its own practicality and advantages; each is equal in its level of difficulty.  Native speakers are encouraged to pursue a third language.

Saint Patrick High School will make every attempt to honor your world language preferences.  Conflicts may arise due to the nature of the Master Schedule, in which case an alternate choice will be selected.  Also, language preferences will be honored in the order in which they are received.

World Language and Fine Arts Selections Form

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  • Please select ONLY if you wish to take one of these in place of the introductory Fine Arts course most freshman take.

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