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After receiving consent from a student’s family, Saint Patrick High School is responsible for initiating new IEPs and triennial evaluations for our diverse learners.  Working with faculty, students and families, the Director of Diverse Learner Services will make all IEP referrals to CPS as well as collect all supporting student documents and data.  Please see the IEP Referral Packet Checklist and Student Profile Packet to better understand the information that is required for an IEP referral.

Once a referral is made for a new IEP or triennial evaluation, CPS will work directly with the student’s family to schedule and conduct academic testing.  Academic testing is required for all new IEPs and every three years for existing IEPs.  Testing is conducted at CPS’ Garfield Park office location.  If a student has a recent private neuropsychological evaluation, CPS will take the evaluation into consideration; however, they have the authority to require additional testing with their evaluation team.  Testing will take a few hours, and if found appropriate based on results, the IEP will be created/renewed at the same appointment.  The IEP will outline the student’s academic needs as well as list accommodations and modifications to assist the student in reaching his academic potential.  Saint Patrick High School will use the IEP, to the best of our ability, to guide our teaching practice and academic support for the student.  The Director of Diverse Learner Services will use the IEP to create a Student First Plan, which will be distributed to all faculty and support staff. It is the family’s responsibility to send the IEP to Saint Patrick High School once it is created/uploaded.

After the IEP is created/renewed, CPS will send the IEP to the Archdiocese of Chicago for the creation of a service plan.  The Archdiocese will determine the student’s need for professional intervention services, separate from the accommodations and modifications that will be implemented at Saint Patrick High School, and allocate funds for the student to receive tutoring with a Learning and Behavior Specialist or speech therapy with a Speech-Language Pathologist.  These professionals are contracted through the Archdiocese and will provide all services at Saint Patrick High School during the regular school day.

Although the IEP is renewed every three years, a new service plan must be created each school year.  Families will be asked to sign a consent form each spring to renew services.

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