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Tuition Assistance for Current Students

Due to of the generosity of our alumni and benefactors, Saint Patrick High School is able to offer a limited number of tuition grants for families that may be experiencing financial hardship. Shamrocks now successful in life, who realize the solid foundation they were given at Saint Patrick High School and the wonderful experiences they have had here, contribute annually to the future of students.

For the 2021-2022 school year, 1.5 million in need-based funding and Saint Patrick High School scholarships has been awarded to 73% of our student body.

Criteria for Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Documents for the
CLASSES OF 2023, 2024 AND 2025

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In addition to Saint Patrick’s tuition assistance, many of our students receive awards from various groups and organizations. These groups generally have similar requirements (application, tax return information, asset and housing information) and some may have additional requirements for academic achievement. Please feel free to call the listed agencies for more information. If you are interested in applying to one of these organizations be aware that most have very strict deadlines. Contact them to obtain further information.

Standing Tall Foundation

Provides the means through scholarships in which the lives of underserved and/or at risk children and disenfranchised families may be improved. For information call 847-294-1801,

Saint George High School Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is for sons, grandsons or nephews of a Saint George (Evanston, IL) alumnus. For more information call Mr. Kent Doyle at 773-282-8844 extension 375 or

Sallie Mae Web Site

The Sallie Mae K-12 Family Education Loan is an ideal solution for families who need additional flexibility in paying for private education beyond financial aid, personal savings, or traditional payment plans. For more information on these loans, please visit the Sallie Mae web site.

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