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Stephen A. Witek

Although he still works one or two days a week, Stephen Witek recently retired as one of the owner-partners at A. Finkl and Sons, a major manufacturer of heavy steel forgings that has been a Chicago staple for many, many years.

Steve actually started working at the company while he was still in high school, and from his initial “cleaning up” and general shop duties, he rose quickly through the employee ranks.

His degree in Engineering was earned at I.I.T., and it served him well in the various positions he held with Finkl and Sons for over 50 years.  A. Finkl and Sons was purchased by a German manufacturing company in 2006-2007, and Mr. Witek has been both effective and invaluable in helping meet the challenges always inherent in the process of owner transition.

Steve himself graduated from Archbishop Weber High School, but his son David attended Saint Patrick and graduated in the Class of 1984.  His daughter Susan also attended Catholic high school and is four years younger than David.

Steve lives in the Harwood Heights area of Chicago, a residence very close to Ridgemoor Country Club, where Steve is a member and serves on the Finance Committee.

Relative to the Saint Patrick Board, Steve offers his wisdom and expertise as a member of the Property, Plant and Equipment Committee.

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