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Why I Chose Saint Patrick: Jake and Patrick Briskey

Here is why the Briskey family chose Saint Patrick High School in 1984 alumnus Greg Briskey’s own words.

There are many reasons why St. Pat’s was absolutely the best choice for my sons Patrick (class of 2023) and Jake (2019 graduate) to attend high school.

First, for some background, as an alum of St. Pat’s it is personally special to me that both my sons decided to attend the high school from which I graduated in 1984. While I was absolutely rooting for them to choose St. Pat’s, I did not want them to attend the school solely because that is where I attended high school. In fact, my wife and I made sure they shadowed at numerous schools, so that they could make an informed decision. Regardless of their decision, we would have been supportive of any high school selection as long as it was the right fit. To my wife’s and my relief and excitement, they each selected St. Pat’s without even a strong second contender and we, as parents, were extremely proud and confident they ‘made the right decision.’

Our confidence in St. Pat’s, and everything they have to offer their students, has been more than reinforced over the past four plus years. We have seen firsthand the transformation that occurred with our oldest son Jake, who graduated in May 2019, from a typical young teenager growing into a confident and mature man. He absolutely loved his time at St. Pat’s. The number of close relationships he developed with his classmates, administrators, coaches, and teachers is a testament to everything the school offers and all the special people who make the “Brotherhood” of St. Pat’s a reality. We are confident that Patrick (class of 2023) is going to have a similarly fantastic experience.

Now that I mentioned the topic of “Brotherhood,” let me assure you it is not just some fictional talking point. It is indeed something very real that the young men at St. Pat’s begin feeling and developing from the first day they walk into 5900 W. Belmont Avenue. The network and friendships they acquire will stay with them for their whole life. I can assure you of that because after thirty-five years, it certainly has been the case with me.

Of course, the most important aspect of high school is the educational element. Once again, St. Pat’s is phenomenal in this area. The young men are given all the tools and support necessary to help them succeed with their studies. Success requires effort and commitment to the classwork not only by the students but just as importantly is the role of the faculty and administration. St. Pat’s does an excellent job of making sure a student is placed in classes that are correct for them, whether that be AP, Honors, College Prep, or Phoenix level classes. The faculty, counselors, and administration are committed to your son succeeding. They are generous with their time and truly care about the students. To me this is just another example of “Brotherhood” in action.

The athletics offerings at St. Pat’s are also excellent. There are many different programs available covering the full spectrum of different sports. Patrick is currently playing football and hopes to play baseball this spring. My oldest son Jake played football for four years at St. Pat’s and currently is playing in college at Butler University. The sports programs are another avenue which helps create the “Brotherhood.” Whether your son plays the sport or is part of the ‘Stud Section’ cheering on his classmates, a bond is being created. The facilities, such as the weight room, available at St. Pat’s are most impressive. The coaches are committed and supportive.

Without question, the positive experience I had while attending St. Pat’s was instrumental in helping me grow personally and professionally. The foundation of life skills, along with the discipline to push forward despite any obstacle, were instilled in me during my time at St. Pat’s. I have seen that same foundation built within my oldest son Jake and fully anticipate the same to occur with my youngest son Patrick. St. Pat’s is a fantastic place that I wholeheartedly recommend you take the time to explore and learn about at the upcoming open houses. You will not be disappointed!

To learn more about Saint Patrick High School, visit us at our Fall Open Houses on Thursday, October 24 and Thursday, November 14 from 6-8 pm. There are also opportunities to be a Shamrock for a Day by scheduling a Shadow Day.

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