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Why I Chose Saint Patrick: Bobby Habetler

Since 2006, Habetler Bowl has been hosting the St. Pat’s Bowling team. In addition, the Habetlers say they’ve hired and have had the pleasure to get to know quite a few Shamrocks over the years. Still, when the time came, they gave their son and daughter the choice of which high school they wanted to attend. And for their son, Bobby, the answer was always St. Pat’s!

Here is why the Habetler family chose Saint Patrick High School in their own words.

The Admissions team at St. Pat’s was always warm and welcoming. It felt like they knew us forever. Our son, Bobby, always felt at home at St. Pat’s and we, as parents and business owners, could always tell when we’d meet a Shamrock. They showed respect, handled themselves well and were extremely proud to be a part of St. Pat’s.

Although we have several good options for both public and Catholic high schools where we live (we literally pass three other schools on our way to St. Pat’s every morning!), Bobby knew he wanted to continue his Catholic education and that he wanted to do it at St. Pat’s. The Lasallian mission is a big part of who he is and he is committed to being the best person (and Shamrock) he can be.

In grammar school, Bobby always strived to be a good student. At St. Pat’s he strives to be a great student. He currently has a 4.2 GPA because he tries so hard. Why does he try so hard? Because he really wants to be there. He is proud to be a Shamrock and it shows in everything he does. He goes to school early every morning so he can have breakfast with his brothers. And that’s what they are – his brothers. I didn’t always see it but it truly is a Brotherhood at St. Pat’s. It’s that Brotherhood and the pride these boys take in their school that have contributed to Bobby’s success and him loving every minute of his high school experience.

As parents, we are also proud to be a part of the Shamrock family. We are all in when it comes to attending fundraising and other events for the school – including the Mother/Son Dance (mom’s personal favorite!), the Green + Gold Gala, athletic events and so much more. With the addition of the Fathers and Mothers Clubs this year, it’s even more fun! While the boys are creating their Brotherhood, the parents are developing their own family bonds. We love that you can truly get to know parents of the kids your son goes to school with and the way we all support each other.

Another thing that makes St. Pat’s so special is Dr. Schmidt. He treats all of the boys at St. Pat’s like they are his son. You don’t go to any event and not see him there. I don’t know how he does it but I can tell you it does not go unnoticed and it is very much appreciated, as is the support the boys receive from other faculty, staff, administrators and coaches at St. Pat’s. It doesn’t matter if your son plays football, baseball, bowls, etc., everyone has a place at St. Pat’s and there are enough clubs or teams for wherever their interests lie.

With Bobby’s father, Dave, taking over as Head Coach of the Saint Patrick Bowling Team this year, we’ve taken our involvement with the school to a whole different level. As Head Coach, Dave talks to prospective students who are not only good bowlers, but young men and families who are the right fit for St. Pat’s. In fact, we’re happy to talk to anyone about the history and tradition of the school, the Brotherhood and how special it is to be a part of the Shamrock family!

To learn more about Saint Patrick High School, visit us at our Fall Open Houses on Thursday, October 24 and Thursday, November 14 from 6-8 pm. There are also opportunities to be a Shamrock for a Day by scheduling a Shadow Day.

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