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Three Shamrocks Named Students of the Month for November

Saint Patrick High School is pleased to announce the following Shamrocks have been named Students of the Month for November 2019.

Name: Isaiah Colon
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: St. Ferdinand
Reason for Nomination: Isaiah is always dedicated to his work and academics, participates in extracurriculars, and consistently reaches out to his classmates in need of assistance.

Name: Fabian Morales
Year: Freshman
Grade School: Acero – Roberto Clemente
Reason for Nomination: Fabian always exceeds expectations in my class. He is a role model for his peers, always willing to help his classmates and continually takes on a leadership role in the class.

Name: Franklin Sinchi
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: St. Bartholomew
Reason for Nomination: Franklin always comes into class with an open mind ready to learn. He finds ways to challenge himself, while also going above and beyond to be successful. He is eager to participate and excited to share his knowledge with his classmates. Great job Franklin!

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