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Three Shamrocks Named Student of the Month for October

Saint Patrick High School is pleased to announce the following Shamrocks have been named Student of the Month for October 2017.

Name: Charlie Bell
Year: Junior
Grade School: St. Robert Bellarmine
Reason for Nomination: Charlie has been a great leader on the Debate team this year. He volunteered to represent Debate at both Open Houses and did an amazing job talking to parents and potential students. He also showed tremendous character at a recent tournament. When it looked like we were going to have an odd number of competitors, Charlie offered to forfeit his spot on Varsity so a novice member could get the experience that day. Although all team members ended up competing at the meet, Charlie showed his willingness to sacrifice himself for others. We cannot think of a greater demonstration of our Shamrock values.

Name: Trevor McLaughlin
Year: Junior
Grade School: Edison Park Elementary School
Reason for Nomination: Trevor took on a leadership role in planning the Pep Rally a few weeks ago and the all-school dodgeball tournament. For one week, he collected sign up sheets during lunch. Over the weekend, he coordinated all the sign ups and created a bracket for all 29 teams (based on each grade). Then, the following week (the week of the Pep Rally), he stayed every day after school to referee the dodgeball tournament. Trevor’s commitment and hard work contributed greatly to the success of the Homecoming Pep Rally.

Name: Ulysses Ortega
Year: Senior
Grade School: O.A. Thorpe Scholastic Academy
Reason for Nomination: This is the second year Student Services has had Uly as an office assistant. Uly embodies what it is to be a Shamrock. He is caring, studious, and selfless. He always asks how he can help. When he is not completing the tasks given to him by faculty, he is always studying. Uly is also kind to others and puts his fellow peers before himself. It is a pleasure to have him around our office.

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