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Students recognized on Academic Awards Night

The following students were recognized during the Saint Patrick High School Academic Awards Night on May 5:

Michael Alex: First Honors
Eric Arroyo: First Honors (3 years), Scholastic Achievement Award for Water Polo

Bryan Barocio: National Honor Society, First Honors, Second Honors (3 years)
Filip Basaj: First Honors, National Honor Society
George Bullock: Academic Award

Dominic Carnathan: Academic Award

Thomas Creighton: First Honors
Roberto De Leon: First Honors and Second Honors
Joseph Dempsey: Honor Roll, Student of the Month (Religion Department)
Kevin Escobar: First Honors and Second Honors
Joseph Gibson: First Honors (2 times), Second Honors (5 times)
Ryan Gillespie: Scholastic Achievement Award For Football, Honor Roll
Julius Giraud: First and Second Honors, University of Illinois SAA certificate, Student of the Month
Xutao He: First Honors and Second Honors
Soren Hirschberg: First Honors and Second Honors
Tyler Jankiewicz: First Honors, Walter Payton Award, IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award, Illinois State Scholar
Sean Kilgallon: First Honors
Patrick Lis: Illinois State Scholar, First Honors (2012-2016)
Anthony Marrero: First Honors and Second Honors
Daniel Nieves: First Honors (2013-2016), Student of the Month
Matthew Nogafka: First Honors (3 years)
Allan Nunez: Honor Roll
James O’Donnell: Second Honors
Michael Partipilo Jr.: First Honors and Second Honors, Academic Merit Award
Nicolas Pesole: First Honors, Illinois State Scholar
Marcin Piechocki: First Honors and Second Honors
Charles Prochaska: First Honors (Every Semester), Illinois State Scholar
Ben Ranft: First Honors (4 years), Student of the Month
Blake Rosenbusch: Illinois State Scholar, IHSA All-State Academic Team, First Honors
Nicholas Sakkos: First Honors (2012-2016)
Mathieu Stafford: Leadership Award (Honors Jazz Band and Jazz Band), National Honor Society, First Honors (4
Daniel Tryba: Gallagher Scholar, Daniel Murphy Scholar, First Honors (4 years), Illinois State Scholar
Pongsakorn Vanichkorn: Honor Roll (4 years)
Austin Zummo: First Honors, Student of the Month
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