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Six Shamrocks Named March Students of the Month

Saint Patrick High School is pleased to announce the following Shamrocks have been named Student of the Month for March 2018.

Name: Joshua Baumstark
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School
Reason for Nomination: Joshua not only has made tremendous strides in his academics this year, but he has also matured into a wonderful classmate and friend to his peers. He has become eager to read, write, and be a listening ear for his classmates.

Name: Jorge Cebrero
Year: Freshman
Grade School: Pulaski International School of Chicago
Reason for Nomination: Jorge has worked hard all year in band. He is ready to go for every rehearsal, asks great questions, and continues to master his instrument. He shows up for optional events and displays his same level of dedication and hard work.

Name: Mario Mejia
Year: Senior
Grade School: St. Celestine School
Reason for Nomination: Mario brings his best everyday to the classroom! That means he is respectful, on task, and prepared. This good attitude and work ethic elevates the learning community and inspires others in the art room. He actively participates in classroom discussions and is an instrumental aspect of moving the class forward. He is self-motivated and seeks new challenges while embracing the hard work that is needed to solve those challenges. It is a pleasure working with this student both in the classroom and the art club.

Name: Joed Mosquera
Year: Senior
Grade School: St. Maria Gorretti School
Reason for Nomination: For his leadership in Book Discussion Group: preparing questions, guiding the direction of the group, and his inclusiveness of other students in the discussion.

Name: Ismael Perez
Year: Junior
Grade School: St. Sylvester School
Reason for Nomination: Ismael is passionate about learning the Chinese language and culture. He is a good listener and always pleasant to work with. He also makes extra effort to participate in the Midwest Chinese Speech contest.

Name: Carl Reina
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: St. Celestine School
Reason for Nomination: Carl is kind to his peers, respectful to his teachers and is one of the most hardworking individuals I have ever seen in both the classroom and on the court.


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