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Seven Shamrocks Named September Students of the Month

Saint Patrick High School is pleased to announce the following Shamrocks have been named Student of the Month for September 2018.

Name: Colin Bove
Year: Freshman
Grade School: O.A. Thorpe Scholastic Academy
Reason for Nomination: For his hard work in the library as a student worker. Colin is self-motivated and reliable; he is quick to help out without being asked. Colin takes responsibility for getting jobs done but goes above and beyond to make sure the tasks he accepts are done exceptionally well.

Name: Daniel (DJ) DeLisle
Year: Freshman
Grade School: St. Celestine
Reason for Nomination: DJ gave an amazing presentation for his independent book, It by Stephen King. His creativity and innovative design made the project interesting to listen to and even inspired several classmates to read Stephen King books this year. He is a great example of a hard working student who enjoys learning and challenging himself to reach high academic goals. He is a model student for others to follow.

Name: Lance (Lang) Min
Year: Junior
Grade School: China
Reason for Nomination: Lance is an exemplary student in my English Language Learners class. He challenges himself with classic books and is meticulous in his written work. He strives to make personal improvements all year long and provides quiet leadership among the International student body. He is a joy to have in class!

Name: Lucas Richard
Year: Junior
Grade School: St. Giles
Reason for Nomination: Lucas shows his Shamrock pride and service in the way he helps his teachers and fellow Shamrocks. Lucas is friendly and polite and never hesitates to offer assistance. If he sees a teacher or student needs help, he doesn’t wait to be asked, he graciously jumps in to do whatever the task.

Name: Zach Ryan
Year: Junior
Grade School: St. Juliana
Reason for Nomination: In Jazz Band, Zach does more than the expectation. He arrives early and stays late to ensure that everything is put away accordingly. He practices regularly and works very hard during rehearsals and holds his classmates to a high standard of conduct. He is a great asset to the program!

Name: Bartek Sek
Year: Sophomore
Grade School: Arthur E. Canty Elementary School
Reason for Nomination: Bartek Sek is not only intelligent but also diligent. He always puts his best efforts into every assignment. He maintained high grades in his Chinese class. He is a good listener. He is also friendly and willing to help his classmates.

Name: Franklin Sinchi
Year: Freshman
Grade School: St. Bartholomew
Reason for Nomination: Franklin is a strong student who shows an enthusiasm for learning and a consistent commitment to his studies. He asks good questions in class and illustrates exceptional organization and preparation. He is a great addition to our student body.

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