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Saint Patrick High School Partners with Lewis University to offer Introduction to Computer Sciences and Aerodynamics Courses


Two classes taught by Lewis University professors added to curriculum with other new courses designed to provide students real-life experience in the classroom

Chicago, IL – Saint Patrick High School is proud to announce it will be partnering with fellow Lasallian school, Lewis University, to offer two courses in the 2019-2020 school year in addition to four new classes designed to give students real-life experience in the classroom. The courses, Introduction to Computer Science and Aerodynamics, will be taught by Lewis University professors at Saint Patrick High School during the regular school day and offer students the opportunity to earn three hours of college credit per class.

The Introduction to Computer Science course will provide an overview of computer architecture, networking, data organization, information security, and computational theory while exposing students to such fundamental concepts as algorithms, abstractions, and how computers represent numbers, text, images and sound.

Aerodynamics will take advantage of Lewis University’s leadership in education in the aviation industry by exposing students to the foundational and fundamental knowledge sets pertaining to aerodynamics. The course will be taught by a licensed pilot who will teach the concepts of lift, drag, thrust, performance, stability and control and high speed flight so that students will have a better understanding of basic aerodynamic principles which will further their knowledge in the flight environment.

In addition to the courses being offered in partnership with Lewis University, Saint Patrick will be adding three classes for students interested in Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Forensic Science and Journalism. The school has also added a new required Digital Citizenship course for all sophomores beginning with the Class of 2022 and will be returning an INCubatoredu II course for students in the INCubatoredu Entrepreneurship program who have received funding of the business they pitched to investors at the end of the last school year.

The Entrepreneurship & Small Business Instruction course will give an overview of the American business system by surveying varying forms of ownership, business organization, management operations and financing as they relate to business. The course will focus on ideas, practices, and the best policies and procedures of small business operations, job skills, customer service, customer behavior, risk management and human resource management. It will also explore general themes in business ethics and business law as they relate to small business operations and management.

The Forensic Science course will use a structured and scientific approach to the investigation of the crimes of assault, abuse and neglect, domestic violence, accidental death, homicide, and the psychology of criminal behavior. Students will learn terminology and investigative procedures related to crime scenes, questioning, interviewing, criminal behavior characteristics, truth detection and scientific procedures used to solve crimes. Using scientific methods, students will collect and analyze evidence through case studies and simulated crime scenes such as fingerprint analysis, ballistics and blood splatter analysis.

The Journalism Production course has been designed to provide students with an understanding of the media, its rich history and its essential functions in a democracy and the core skills of a journalist including writing technique, researching stories, interviewing, copyediting and ethical decision-making. The course will provide the Saint Patrick community with a high-quality student newspaper, dedicated news website, an active social media presence and live play-by-play of Shamrock sporting events, all produced by students

Lastly, through the exploration of 2D and 3D design and expression in the digital age, students in the Digital Citizenship course will critically engage with their place in our evolving world and how they can best represent themselves in technology and beyond. By employing Google SketchUp, as well as other Google apps, students will build skills in a variety of settings that can be applied to the course, future careers and interpersonal communication.


Now in its’s 159th year, Saint Patrick is the oldest all-male Catholic high school in Chicago. Its mission is to provide an educational experience of the highest quality which enables young men to develop their maximum potential as lifelong learners and assets to society and the Church. Saint Patrick welcomes students of other religious beliefs, varying academic abilities, and diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds. Students reside in the city of Chicago and nearby suburbs and come from more than 70 different elementary schools.

To learn more about Saint Patrick High School, mark your calendars to attend one of two Fall Open Houses on Thursday, October 24 and Thursday, November 14.


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Director of Communications
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