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November Students of the Month announced

The following students have been selected as Saint Patrick High School’s Students of the Month for the month of November: Jesse Cobb, Nathan DeLuna, George Jimenez, Josh Reider, Dominic Sabella and Luke Tomzik.

Name: Jesse Cobb
Grade Level: Senior
Previous School: Our Lady of Victory
Reason for Nomination: Jesse helps contribute to the school by being present at Open Houses, as well as any event a coach or teacher may ask him to attend. Jesse works hard in all he does and even though he doesn’t get much playing time he shows undying commitment to the team.

Name: Nathan DeLuna
Grade Level: Junior
Previous School: Saint Bartholomew
Reason for Nomination: Nate is always willing to help and sets an example for others to follow. He is polite and pleasant, honest, and hard working. You can count on Nate to offer a sturdy opinion and hold an intellectual discussion, or to run an errand for you when you’ve been up and down the stairs one too many times.

George Jimenez
Grade Level: Freshman
Previous School: Saint Ferdinand
Reason for Nomination: George is an extremely hardworking student who goes above and beyond with his work. His work ethic and values are noticeable each day in the classroom and in the hallway. George not only works for his individual success, but he assists others to aid their comprehension and understanding.

Name: Josh Reider
Grade Level: Junior
Previous School: Saint Thecla
Reason for Nomination: Josh has worked very hard this semester to learn the ins and outs of journalism. He isn’t afraid to ask questions, is always willing to go back to a source and get more information and he acts upon criticism of his work to make his story better.

Name: Dominic Sabella
Grade Level: Freshman
Previous School: O.A. Thorp
Reason for Nomination: Dominic is always diligent, hard working and a class act. He drives discussion and helps his classmates focus and understand.

Luke Tomzik
Grade Level: Senior
Previous School: Saint Eugene
Reason for Nomination: Luke is not only intelligent but also diligent. He always gives his best effort on every assignment. He maintained the highest grade in his Chinese class consistently throughout his high school years. He also made extra effort to participate the Midwest Chinese Speech contest. He set up a role model for his class to pursue the academic excellence.

The purpose of the Student of the Month Program is to recognize each students’ contributions to the Saint Patrick community at large. A teacher, administrator, staff member or counselor can nominate the students based upon any or all or the following criteria: Outstanding or improved grades, exemplary attendance, cooperation, leadership, overall achievement, consideration of others, academic curiosity, outstanding attitude and community involvement/service.

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