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Nine Shamrocks Named Students of the Month for October

Saint Patrick High School is pleased to announce the following Shamrocks have been named Students of the Month for October 2019.

Name: Brandon Banda
Year: Senior
Grade School: St. Odilo
Reason for Nomination: Brandon is truly a one of a kind student. He is the type of person to lead by quiet example and does so in each of his classes. Brandon never backs down from challenging material and asks questions until he has a full grasp on the content. He shows respect to everyone he encounters and is no doubt one of the strongest leaders we have at St. Pats.

Name: Rudy Cazenave
Year: Junior
Grade School: St. Edward
Reason for Nomination: Every day, Rudy sets an example for his classmates of what it is to be a leader. He brings great energy to class, is always willing to participate, and shows respect for his teachers and fellow Shamrocks. Rudy is bright, positive, and a joy to have in class.

Name: Daniel Downs, Zach Ryan
Year: Seniors
Grade School: Edgebrook Elementary School, St. Juliana
Reason for Nomination: Daniel and Zach received the highest scores on the Social Justice Midterm.

Name: Riley Gibbons
Year: Junior
Grade School: Lincoln Middle School
Reason for Nomination: Riley comes to class every day with a smile on his face and an upbeat attitude, even at the end of the day! He is always willing to help classmates and has offered to help me organize papers, carry things to the parking lot, and fix desks. Riley’s genuine goodness shines through daily and serves as an example for others.

Name: Anton Kranicke
Year: Freshman
Grade School: PFGA
Reason for Nomination: Anton is always prepared for and engaged in class, has demonstrated academic achievement and is always willing to offer explanation and help to classmates.

Name: Rurick Martinez (not pictured)
Year: Junior
Grade School: St. Sylvester
Reason for Nomination: Rurick has been a leader in our art class. He has helped his fellow classmates when they need it and always does so with a smile. Rurick pays close attention to details and makes sure that his daily work is accurate and of the utmost quality. He sets a positive example for his peers.

Name: Derek Seelhammer
Year: Senior
Grade School: St. Robert Bellarmine
Reason for Nomination: Derek has always been a stellar student. However, he’s pushed himself immensely this year. Taking PACC courses has been challenging, but he has not shied away from the work. He has also tried to do more in terms of service and charitable works and continues to be involved throughout the school. He may have a quiet demeanor, but that is not a reflection of his ability to be a leader among his classmates and in the classroom. He’s definitely grown since his first year here, but he continues to make the most of what St. Pat’s has to offer and being a real Shamrock.

Name: Patrick Wright
Year: Freshman
Grade School: Immaculate Conception
Reason for Nomination: Patrick has an enviable passion and determination–always giving the best possible contributions in class.



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