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Junior earns perfect score on ACT Test

Saint Patrick junior Bill McNulty scored a perfect 36 on the ACT Test.

McNulty, an Oak Park resident, aced the exam on his second try after earning a 35 on his first attempt. After receiving “low” scores in a couple of subject areas, McNulty said he took the exam again in hopes improving his result.

He knew a 36 wouldn’t come easy, but McNulty felt entering the exam with a different mindset may allow him to  earn the extra point.

“I was just more relaxed going in because I was OK with the 35,” he recalled.

McNulty, who is enrolled in AP and Honors classes at Saint Patrick, said it felt great to find out he had earned a perfect score.  He believes part of the reason he was able to do so well is because of the practice exams he took during his classes at St. Pat’s, which he would advise others to take seriously if they want to do well.

“Take the practice tests to get used to the way they ask the questions, and just relax,” McNulty said.

McNulty has not yet begun his college search but plans to go to university with a strong science program.

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