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Dear Saint Patrick – Joshua Esquilin ’21

Dear Saint Patrick,

Ever since the second grade, I have looked forward to going to Saint Patrick High School. I knew since then that it is a great school, which is why I wanted to attend. Now my brothers and I are graduating and moving on to the next big stage in our lives.

These four years have passed by in the blink of an eye. I know that is something that I have heard my parents and other adults say, but I did not understand how true everything they said was until recently. I remember walking through the doors on Belmont in a shirt and tie for my first day at Saint Patrick High School as a freshman. Walking through those doors, I was not really worried about fitting in, but for some reason I was more worried about not having recess. My mind could not grasp the concept of missing something like recess at the time. Little did I know that over the course of my four years here, I would make friends that I now consider brothers, and become a man. Looking back on these four years, I see how my time at St. Pat’s, although too short, has taught me to savor these moments.

Transitioning from grade school to high school can be challenging. St. Pat’s is a school that provides its students with an exceptional education. Not only is St. Pat’s known for its education, but it is also known for the extracurricular activities that students participate in. I did not participate in any extracurricular activities before attending St. Pat’s, but over the course of my four years I have participated in Cross Country, Swimming, Track & Field, National Honor Society, Book Discussion, as well as Spanish Club. Getting involved is something that I quickly learned was important for my college resume and making new friends. Managing school work and extracurricular activities can be very difficult, especially for incoming freshmen, but the teachers, coaches, counselors, and our fellow brothers are always there to help make your high school experience like no other. I am so grateful to everyone who has been a part of my journey at St. Pat’s. From the moment I started attending Saint Patrick High School, I knew that I was a part of the family, and not just a number like students who attend other high schools.

Although this school year has presented us with many challenges, such as being separated from each other, we as brothers have, and will continue to be, connected through our Shamrock blood. No matter where we are in the world, no matter what tribulations may come our way in the future, we will always be connected through the best school on the planet, Saint Patrick High School.


Joshua Esquilin ’21

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