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Dear Saint Patrick – Jack Schnoebelen ’22

Dear Saint Patrick,

I have prepared for this moment throughout my high school career, yet I don’t think anyone can ever be fully prepared for such an important chapter in their life to come to a close. The end of my St. Pat’s journey will be such a bittersweet one. Although a bright college career is ahead of me, it will be hard to move on from the place I call home. When first coming to St. Pat’s, I was always told how strong the Brotherhood was, and that I would be sad to leave when graduation time came. These words came to fruition much stronger and quicker than I expected them to. I quickly found out that what makes Saint Patrick High School what it is were the people that walked the halls.

The most important lesson I have learned during my time as a Shamrock is how to treat other people with respect. Although many of us often fail, this is a trait that is held in high regard at St. Pat’s. This is one of the most important characteristics of what it means to be a Shamrock. Many of us came into our freshman year as immature boys, trying to find our place in the world. Now, as a senior, it is easy to see the change in my class. With careful guidance, a few hiccups along the way, and lots of hard work, we have crafted ourselves into mature young men, ready for what the future holds.

Most of the moments that stand out to me were some of the least memorable to others.  The small moments in the classroom – talking to friends or spending time after class with teachers – are the ones that I will cherish the most. I feel like these moments are what make St. Pat’s unique. One teacher in particular, Ms. McBride, has been present at almost all these moments. Through her leadership in Student Council, the Kairos program, and almost every other student activity, she has shown her students nothing but positivity and respect. It is obvious how much she cares about her students, their learning, and their well-being. Her passion for teaching is unmatched by any other instructor I have ever encountered. People like her are what make the Saint Patrick community successful.

Although many things have changed since I first set foot in 5900 W Belmont, I’d like to think that the changes are for the better. I have seen teachers and staff come and go, new rules, Covid adaptations, and everything else in between. No matter what changes within our walls, Shamrock Pride must carry on. The Brotherhood and bonding that takes place must continue. While our school is constantly adapting and changing, the values of St. Pat’s must remain the same.

As my time at Saint Patrick High School comes to an end, I am able to look back fondly on the last four years. While I may no longer be a student at the corner of Belmont and Austin, I will still forever be a Shamrock.


Jack Schnoebelen ’22

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