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Dear Saint Patrick – Colin Flynn ’21

Dear Saint Patrick,

I first discovered Saint Patrick High School in eighth grade while searching for somewhere to call home. I attended many open houses that year but did not feel connected to a community. My father, Philip Flynn (’88), attended St. Pat’s and told me that it could be the perfect school for me. The second I stepped into the door I recognized that there was an atmosphere I had never experienced before. Everyone was excited to be there and wanted to help us discover the school. During the open house tour, I was introduced to the beautiful campus and some of the great students that I now call brothers. My love for the school was only enhanced when I shadowed during an actual school day. This visit helped me begin to understand the brotherhood that all students at St. Pat’s share.

Initially, I was nervous to attend high school and meet new people, but I immediately felt welcome in the summer classes I attended. In these classes, I met new people that I now consider some of my best friends. The freshman orientation also gave me the chance to understand the way the school worked and what was expected of me and my fellow future students. Not only did I develop bonds with my fellow freshmen, but also with students at every grade level. No matter a person’s age or background everyone was welcome and encouraged to speak their mind.

Along with the many relationships I created at St. Pat’s I was also given a top-tier education. This education will help me in college and for the rest of my life. One of the most important things for a high school to do is prepare its students for college. Not only did St. Pat’s do a great job in preparing me for college, it also taught me many valuable lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The challenging but rewarding curriculum taught me perseverance and determination while advancing my education. I was immediately offered direct contact with my teachers who always wanted to help me out. One of the greatest aspects of my education at St. Pat’s was the wide variety of electives and college credit classes that I was offered. I was given the chance to explore my interests and take advantage of Dual-Credit college courses that very few schools offer. I am grateful for the opportunity to take these classes because they gave me a head start in college.

The most influential part of my time at St. Pat’s occurred during the fall golf season. I was offered numerous opportunities to play different sports and participate in various clubs to find out where I fit in the most. After the first day of tryouts for golf in August, I knew that the team was a family. When I was a freshman the older students taught me how to balance school and athletics. Without this lesson, I would never have been able to succeed as a student-athlete. I was then able to use what I learned and pass it down to the next class of students just as my teammates did. Throughout that year and every year since I created a bond with my fellow teammates that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The whole team went through ups and downs but we stayed by each other’s sides and faced every challenge as a family. I will especially miss the brothers that I found while on the team, but the relationships that I created will continue to grow even after I leave St. Pat’s.

Thank you Saint Patrick High School for the various memories and for helping me develop from a young man into an adult. Even though my time at the school has come to an end, it will have lasting effects on me for the rest of my life.


Colin Flynn ‘21

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