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Dear Saint Patrick – Alex Goworowski ‘22

Dear Saint Patrick,

In eighth grade, I was unlike most of my grade school classmates. Most of my friends were already set on St. Pat’s for school and were pumped to start high school as soon as possible. They all signed up for the test right away and were getting their Shamrock gear. I was on the fence though. My parents made sure I looked at all my options and I did. I kept going back and forth in my head but deep down I knew St. Pat’s was right for me. From the camps, open houses, letters from the faculty, coaches coming to visit me at my football games and the math competitions, I knew I had to follow my heart. Walking in on test day, I felt welcomed by everyone waiting at the door and at that point I knew: this place was home.

Starting school at St. Pat’s, I completely felt like I belonged. I started football camp and immediately felt the sense of Brotherhood. When I came to practice, I witnessed the football team all work together as brothers. They all had each other’s back, and I could not wait until I could form this sense of Brotherhood with my own freshman teammates. Once we started practicing together, the sense of Brotherhood immediately followed. I started to meet new people and formed connections I never thought I could, which continued for the next four years. I formed friendships with so many new people that I never would have met if it wasn’t for this school. I have so many memories with my classmates in my experience here that I will never forget. I’ll always remember the sports events with my brothers on the field/court and in the Stud Section as well as the comradery in the hallways and outside of school. I made connections with my teachers and coaches and got to know them on a personal level. As I leave St. Pat’s, I am not only surrounded by great friends, but I am surrounded by family.

As I move on to college and my future, I will always remember what St. Pat’s has done for me. Not only has this school helped me prepare for the next level, it made me a better person. I learned how to make connections and form relationships. It has touched me spiritually and has strengthened my morals. I learned all the qualities to be successful in life and hopefully leave an impact on the world. St. Pat’s has provided me with everything I need to play football and study engineering at Valparaiso University. There, I will form that same sense of Brotherhood from Pat’s with my new football teammates, classmates, dorm neighbors, as well as everyone else I meet up there. I cannot thank you enough for being the best school in the nation. I would not be who I am today without Saint Patrick High School.

Thank you for transforming me into who I am. You have given me so many opportunities to become a better man. You taught me what it means to be a Shamrock and I will hold that dearly inside my heart for the rest of my life.

Thank you for an amazing four years,

Alex Goworowski ’22

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