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Dear Saint Patrick – Aidan Powers ’22

Dear Saint Patrick,

On the first day of my freshman year of high school, my English teacher, Dr. Lurz, told my class that if you blink once, you will be done with freshman year. When you blink again, you will be downtown at Holy Name Cathedral graduating. These past four years have flown by faster than any other time in my life. As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Coming into high school, I was extremely nervous because I barely knew anyone. I had moved to Colorado for my seventh and eighth grade years, so I missed out on meeting a lot of future Shamrocks through sports, events, and other activities. However, once I arrived at Austin and Belmont, I was greeted with open arms. I made friends quickly and felt that I was part of the Brotherhood. Even though there were people who were extremely different from me, the community that surrounded me was welcoming to everyone. From what I have heard from people who attend other schools, there are a lot of different groups based on where people come from or what they like to do. However, at St. Pat’s, nothing matters besides the type of person that you are. In the many friend groups that are present, you can encounter people from all walks of life, playing many different sports, and being involved in numerous different activities. However, even though they may be different in some ways, when they are walking the hallways of this school, they are all one family.

One way that you can really see the Brotherhood that is present is at the sporting games, both on and off the field. When there is a student section, the students come together to cheer on the players that are playing, because they know that the support will be returned. On the field, court, or other playing surface, the athletes fight for one another. Sometimes, when the teams are extremely evenly matched, the Shamrocks are able to win solely because of the bond that they have with one another. There is no limit to what the players will do in order to support their brothers.

Even though I am extremely excited for the next chapter of my life, it is going to be a very sad goodbye to St. Pat’s. The closeness and connection to other Shamrocks and some teachers is something that cannot be found anywhere else. Even though we have only known each other for four years, the Brotherhood that has been built here is something that will last a lifetime. There are a lot of meaningful attributes that I have picked up and learned while I have been here. These are taught and implicated in every part of life at this school. Whether it be in the hallways, in the classroom, or while playing sports, respect, integrity, and Brotherhood are shown by the leaders of those activities. I firmly believe that these qualities are ones that will benefit me in not only college and the workforce, but also in life in general.

If it were not for St. Pat’s and the environment that surrounds this school, I do not know where I would be in my life. This place has provided a great place where I can feel at home and know that I am accepted. Coming into my freshman year, I had heard about the Brotherhood, but I did not know how serious it was.


Aidan Powers ‘22

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