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Brotherhood Week – Testimonial #1 (Nick Herman ’19)

Brotherhood is a friendship like no other. It a unique bond that cannot be broken no matter the circumstances. The foundation of this relationship is one of respect and love. You will always have your brother’s back no matter what situation. Here at St. Pats we see brotherhood in action everyday. Whether it is helping out a classmate with homework or pushing each other in the weight room, our school is a shining example of unity and trust.

Brotherhood to me is someone who is always there for me. They push me mentally, morally, and physically. In the classroom when I don’t understand a concept someone is there to teach me. When I am faced with a difficult situation, I turn to my brothers to guide me down the right path. Both on and off the football field I know my teammates will push me to my maximum effort. When I chose Saint Pats to be my home for the next four years, I knew that I would be supported through any problem I faced. I put my trust into my brothers’ hands, and they never let me down.

Brotherhood isn’t a term you toss around, it means so much more than that. It takes many shapes and forms. We can see this through our unity in serving others, becoming leaders in our community, and our urge to do what is right. Our community is made up many different ethnicities, beliefs, cultures, and personalities. But we are bonded as one through the ideas of togetherness and friendship. Although we are diverse in many ways we are united as one under the idea of brotherhood. We look beyond peoples’ imperfections to find the goodness in them.

Brotherhood isn’t a gift. It is a relationship built on kindness and charity. Friends come and go but brothers will always remain together. Through the best of times and the worst of times your brothers will stand by you no matter what. Brotherhood is a group of diverse and unique people working together as one unit. Brotherhood is never giving up on your friends. Brotherhood drives you to perform at your very best. As you continue through the school day today, take a minute and ask yourself “What does brotherhood mean to me?”

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