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Art students create new murals for school


Students from the Saint Patrick art program have created murals that can now be seen hanging in the school.

Two of the murals have been placed in the art corridor, while the third mural hangs near the entrance to the pool.

The art students used these locations to inspire their ideas. The project began as a sketchbook assignment and then progressed into collaborative work drawn to size on paper. Students continued to cooperate and collaborate as they worked together to solve the design challenge.

The two murals in the art corridor are complementary pieces. The first mural welcomes students into the Art space and features a person sitting with a telescope and enjoying the aurora borealis that fills the night sky. The second mural is a “Space City” adventure that includes an asteroid belt, a space being, a satellite and a space creature for each of the students in the art class.

The mural located by the pool entrance was completed by Kamil Prus ’18, who is as passionate about art as he is about water polo.

The following students helped create the new murals: Christian Cotto ’18, Thomas Cozad ’18, Anthony Kolodziej ’18. Jack McLaughlin ’17, David Mecner ’18, Mario Mejia ’18, Sonny Napolitano ’18, Sean Neace ’17, Michael O’Malley ’17, Matthew Petrovich ’18, Kamil Prus ’18, Alexander Recendez ’18, Kyle Reid ’18, Luis Rivera ’17, Andres Salvador ’18, Anthony Santiago ’18, Robert Scimeca’18, Isaac Soto ’18 and Joseph Walsh ’18.

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