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2020 Camps & Clinics

Saint Patrick offers more than 40 summer camps to girls and boys ages 4 through 18, covering everything from football and golf to music and dance. Some camps last a few days while others last a few weeks. Click below to view the 2020 Shamrock Summer Camp Brochure.

To register online for Shamrock Summer Camps, please use the form below. A FEW IMPORTANT NOTES WHEN REGISTERING ONLINE:

– You can only register one camper per online form.
– If you would like to register for an additional camp under a particular sport, select the second camp from Additional Camp (ex: if you would like to register for Shooting and Ball Handling under Basketball, you would select Shooting in the Basketball dropdown menu and then select Ball Handling under Additional Camp). If you would like to register for another camp under a particular sport, scroll down to the bottom to select the camp(s) under Additional Camp.
– For descriptions of each camp, please click on the Summer Camp Brochure at the bottom of the page.
– To register in person or by mail, please use the Shamrock Summer Camp Form below.
– Please note: A $2 processing fee will be added to all credit card purchases.

If you have any questions, contact Brian Glorioso, Athletic Director, at 773.282.8844 ext 235 or

2020 Summer Camps Registration

  • Camp Offerings

  • Shamrock Head Basketball Coach Mike Bailey and his assistants will conduct all camps. Participants will receive a camp t-shirt and a Saint Patrick Instruction Manual.
  • These camps will be run by Head Football Coach Adam Guerra and his staff.
  • The Shamrock Sports Camp is an athletic camp designed to provide a wide variety of experiences and fundamentals in athletic activities. There will be an emphasis on daily instructional swimming, but participation in a wide variety of activities will also be offered during the camp. Campers will be provided towels daily. Activities will be conducted by our athletic staff. Concession stand open for lunch or bring your own. Beverages will be provided.
  • Come out and receive instruction from our golf coaches Matt McIntee and Jeff Latin. Camp will include transportation to the Des Plaines Golf Center and a camp t-shirt. The camp will focus on all areas of the game including warm-up, set-up, grip, swing, long and short game, and the rules and etiquette of the game. Campers must have their own clubs.
  • This one week camp will cover the physical and mental attributes of mid to long distance running. Each day campers will be bussed to various trails and paths in the Chicagoland area. Runners will also learn how to run intervals, fartlek, and hill training while using proper form and technique.
  • Eighteen different events make up a high school track meet, and all will be covered in this one week camp. All campers will learn four different events each day. Coaches and student assistants will teach the benefits of being a well-rounded athlete and instruct campers on how to perform jumps, hurdles, sprints, and throws in the correct manner.
  • Head Coaches Tom Kelliher and Dominic Angelo and their assistants will run all camps.
  • Head Coach Joel Anderson will conduct all camps. The emphasis on the program is fun! The program will also cover court-related movement, non-court related movement, hand-eye development with the ball, body movement and ball work, foot work, and agility.
  • Head Baseball Coach Dan Kusinski and his staff will run all camps.
  • Aquatics - Must Register In Person! Register in person on Saturday, May 2, 2020 at 9:00 am in the Pool Office. *$80.00 for additional brother/sister per session. Under the direction of Coach Gibson, all levels of instruction are taught from beginner to advanced levels.
  • One of the most successful sports programs at St. Pats! Over 50 All-State players have come from this program. Under the direction of Head Coach Marty Gibson, campers will be taught the basic rules & fundamentals of the game.
  • Shamrock Head Varsity Coach Kyle McClure and his assistants will conduct all camps.
  • A minimum of one year experience in grade school band or private lessons is required. This camp will teach the basics of jazz improvisation and style. The camp is a great way for students to prepare to be a part of the award-winning Saint Patrick Jazz Ensembles. Please list your child’s instrument on the registration sheet.
  • Come join the Saint Patrick dance team for a fun filled four day dance camp! Participants will learn and perfect basic dance skills such as leaps, turns and pom. Participants will also learn two routines taught by the Saint Patrick dancers. These routines will be performed the last day of camp for all of our family and friends. Cost includes a camp t-shirt and bow. Don’t miss out on this fun and energetic opportunity!
    By checking this box, I hereby authorize the staff of the SHAMROCK CAMPS to act to their best judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention. I hereby waive and release Saint Patrick High School and all camp staff from any and all liability from injuries or illnesses while in camp(s). I understand that my payment is not refundable after the first day of camp.
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