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Stock Gifts

Unrestricted or restricted stock gifts can be made by giving your broker the following Saint Patrick brokerage firm information:

The brokerage firm for Saint Patrick is:
Merrill Lynch DTC# 8862
Saint Patrick High School Acct# 5F6-85P72
Saint Patrick Tax I.D.# 36-2210019

On the back of the stock certificates you must write to whom you are transferring them, all owners’ signatures must be included on the back of the certificate, and finally you must have a bank signature guarantee stamp on the back as well.

Please be sure to include your name, the name of the stock, the number of shares being transferred, and the date of the transfer. Please notify:

Jeff Ardito ‘87
Vice President of Institutional Advancement

If you gift Saint Patrick with a stock certificate that is already in your name, please call us for a stock power document. Your stock certificate will have to be signed and dated by those whose names are on the certificate and will need a brief note indicating your intentions of transferring the stock to Saint Patrick.

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