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Library MEDIA CENTER – Technology for Teachers

The Saint Patrick High School Library Media Center is committed to helping teachers acquire the necessary technology resources and skills that assist teachers in creating authentic learning experiences; support teacher instruction; and improve student learning and achievement while inspiring them to contribute responsibly to the digital world.



Collaboration Tools

Answer Garden:

Share a question with the class and brainstorm ideas together. See the results instantly.


Teachers post discussion prompts and videos; students can respond with videos, images, audio clips, etc.


Use to create an interactive bulletin board, projects that show progression, portfolios, and to curate class resources.



Build podcasts with this all-in-one platform for creating, editing, and distributing podcasts that allows students to combine audio, music, and effects into a polished finished project.

Book Creator

Combine text, images, video, and audio to create digital books that inspire creativity and challenge students critical thinking skills. 

Discovery Education Studio Board:

Login to the school’s Discovery Education account and create a multimedia board that presents course content in an interactive and engaging way.


Communicate visually with this collaborative platform that allows students and teachers to create reports, infographics, social media graphics, and visual stories in place of text.


Design your own music and podcasts with this online studio that can be used for recording, editing, and producing professional podcasts and musical compositions.


Create visual projects with interactive images, videos, and 360 degree media.



Build engaging presentations that are interactive for students. Collect student data, present quizzes, create self-paced PowerPoints, etc. Works for in-class and remote learning.


Integrate into presentations to receive immediate feedback and to make your presentation interactive.


With a free account, create videos up to 15-minutes. Videos can easily be shared and downloaded. Ideal for designing tutorials and screen casting.


Easy-to-use, web-based program for designing 5 minute screencasts.


Add quizzes and narration to YouTube videos (and others) to personalize it for students.

Trivia-Based Assessment


Create trivia questions that can be integrated into presentations to make sure students are on-track.


Create an interactive quiz game in which results can be analyzed for data-driven instruction.


Create and share quizzes for immediate feedback. Perfect for formative assessments.


Video and Film Resources

Discovery Education Streaming:*

Access a wide variety of videos, images, lesson activities and more covering all curricular topics. You can view entire videos or select specific segments. Videos can be downloaded so you can use them in class or you may put segments in a slideshow presentation. Some videos even include a post-viewing quiz or activities to accompany them.

See Mrs. Esola for information regarding setting up your school account.

Swank K-12 Streaming:

Film streaming library for educational purposes. TEACHERS may access this library using their Swank login (see Mrs. Esola for help) to search thousands of films, documentaries and foreign titles. 

** Please note: Students may only access these films when assigned by their classroom teacher.


Academic Programs



INCubator Program


Summer School Programs

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