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World Language Department

The primary objective of the World Language Department is to provide an opportunity for students to become actively involved in learning a language. This is accomplished not only in the ordinary language classroom activities but also by the use of other suitable means such as language newspapers, magazines, word games for vocabulary building, and through an emphasis on the cultural aspects of the heritage of the peoples whose languages are being studied.

Languages Offered

The World Language Department offers a four-year sequence in French, Mandarin and Spanish. Placement into language classes is dependent upon the results of the incoming Placement Test (as a freshman) and upon the individual’s preference for a particular language as long as there are available seats. Continued study in the second year requires a minimum of a C in each semester. Students who do not satisfy this requirement are encouraged to pursue one of the other languages.

Student Commitment

All students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the same language for at least two years. Furthermore, those students who plan to continue their education in a college or university should seriously consider enrolling in a single language for four years since many institutions of higher learning now accept this four-year study at the high school level as satisfying their own language graduation requirements. In general, the more competitive the college or university, the more advantageous is language study. Students are urged to consult the college catalog of their choice well in advance of matriculation at the college.

The College Prep as well as the Honors language courses will prepare students to enroll in the Honors third and fourth year foreign language courses. Students who speak Spanish already are encouraged to sign up for either French or Mandarin Chinese.


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