Summer Reading Program 2013 

The Saint Patrick Summer Reading Program has been designed to connect students with an engaging, entertaining, and enriching reading experience.  Encouraging Saint Patrick High School students to read is one of the many ways we are preparing our students for academic excellence.   

This year, in an attempt to meet the non-fiction requirements of the Common Core State Standards Initiative for language arts while responding to many students’ requests for more choices for summer reading, there is a different approach to the reading requirements.  The program’s changes were explained in all students’ current English classes by their current English teachers before leaving for summer vacation.  

During the summer all students will read a non-fiction selection with a Chicago connection.  A brief list of possible choices has been provided with this letter, but students may make their own selections provided they choose books that meet the criteria listed on the following page.  Students who are unsure of their book selections should talk to their current English teacher before the end of the current school year, or they should contact the English Department chairperson during the summer.  When the school year begins in August, all students will be expected to give a brief verbal and multimedia presentation reflecting the Common Core State Standards Initiative for speaking and listening.  Teachers will assign specific directions for the presentations at the start of the school year.  Also, students will be expected to participate in classroom discussions, write short response papers, and/or take a standardized test that will be tailored according to the book that each student has read.  Classroom discussions and assessments will take place immediately upon the return to school.  It is expected that students will be able to participate fully in the classroom activities.

Most of the books found on the list are readily available at most books stores and public libraries.  Also, most of the books can be found in a digital format for digital readers.  

Throughout the year, students should be encouraged to read in areas of interest to them as well as periodicals concerning world issues and current events.  The more that students read the more politically and culturally literate they will become.  Their personal literacy is an essential part of their preparation for college and beyond.  Studies have shown that independent reading helps students achieve higher scores on their ACT exams, especially in the English, Reading, and Science portions of the test, which are reading intensive.  

Questions concerning the Summer Reading Program can be directed to the English Department Chairperson, Mr. Kent Doyle, by voicemail at extension 375 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Summer Reading Assignments

General Explanation Letter Download
Some Possible Reading Choices Download
PACC English III: American Literature Download
PACC English IV: British Literature Download