iPad Program

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iPad Insurance Program (updated 5-18-15) LINK

During the 2012-2013 academic year, Saint Patrick High School became the first high school in the Archdiocese of Chicago to use iPads as an educational tool during the school day.  

We have chosen the iPad as the technological platform due to its many advantages. One of the main advantages is its cost effectiveness compared to traditional textbooks. In addition to the economic advantages, the iPad offers tremendous organizational capabilities. A third advantage is the experience your son will gain using this engaging piece of technology to enhance his daily instruction and his learning opportunities in preparation for his college education and workplace skills. 

All students will be required to have an iPad for school. Families may use an iPad that they already own, or they may purchase one through Saint Patrick at a discounted rate.

The following versions of the iPad may be used:

  • iPad 2 with a minimum of 64 GB of storage

  • iPad 3 with a minimum of 64 GB of storage

  • iPad with retina display and a minimum of 64 GB of storage

  • iPad Air with a minimum 64 GB of storage

  • iPad Air 2 with a minimum 64 GB of storage

Through Apple, Saint Patrick has secured a pricing option of $275.00 for the iPad Mini 3 with 64 GB of storage and $579.00 for the iPad Air 2 with 64 GB of storage. This is a savings of $20.00 from the retail cost as well as the savings from the sales taxes. In addition to the purchase of the iPad, there will be an additional charge for the apps and textbooks that Saint Patrick High School will secure for our students’ use. That charge is still being determined and will be announced by early summer.

Families are strongly encouraged to purchase insurance to cover the cost of lost, stolen, or damaged iPads.  Please click on “iPad Insurance Program” for further details.