Tuition & Fees

The Tuition Guarantee Program allows families to plan their financial resources over the four years that their son is at St. Pat’s without worrying about varying costs from year to year. This program assures parents that there will be no annual increase in tuition once they enroll their son. With the Tuition Guarantee Program, your tuition for freshman year will be the same when you are a senior.

Student Class Year Yearly Tuition Quarterly  Monthly 
Class of 2015 $10,000 $2437.50 $812.50
Class of 2016 $10,000 $2437.50 $812.50
Class of 2017 $10,000 $2437.50 $812.50
Class of 2018 $10,500 $2562.50 $855.00
Class of 2019 $11,000 $2687.50 $896.00
Class of 2020 $11,250 $2750.00 $917.00

Payment installment plans above reflect the payment of the $250 registration fee.

Parents have an opportunity to pay tuition through their checking or savings account. Accounts are debited on either the 3rd or 17th of the month or by credit card. Download the Authorization Agreement Form for Preauthorized Payments. For more information, contact the Business Office.

Tuition Payment Policy
Each parent/family is expected to select a tuition payment plan from among the following options: 1) full, one-time payment; 2) four equal quarterly payments, payable in May, September, December and March; or 3) twelve monthly payments, which begin in May and end in May (with no payment in August). All payments should be made on a timely basis, but all student tuition accounts must be current at the end of each academic quarter. No student will be admitted into second quarter classes if there is a balance due or whose parents have not established a short-term payment plan with the Business Office.

Students whose tuition payments – for whatever reason – are not fully paid at the end of the first semester will not be permitted to take semester examinations, nor will they be readmitted to classes at the beginning of the second semester until the tuition account is fully paid to date.

No student will be admitted to year-end Final Examinations if his tuition account is not fully paid. Seniors will not be permitted to graduate with their class – or to receive a diploma – unless all financial obligations to Saint Patrick High School are fully satisfied. Official transcripts will not be forwarded to other high schools, colleges, or work places if a tuition balance exists.

No student will be readmitted to Saint Patrick High School at the beginning of a new academic year if he has an unpaid balance from the previous year.

Student Fundraising
All student-driven fundraising appeals are handled by the Institutional Advancement Office. For information or questions regarding student participation, incentives, obligations, etc. please contact John Prangl at [email protected] or by phone at 773.282.8844 ext. 266

Business Office
Office Hours 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Phone Number 773.282.8844
Fax Number 773.282.2361

Business Manager
William Neurauter, Ext. 226
[email protected]

Assistant Business Manager
Kathy Christensen, Ext. 227
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