Tuition Rate Guarantee Program

As the cost of education continues to grow, Saint Patrick High School has established a tuition rate guarantee program. This program will allow families to plan their financial resources over the four years that their son is at St. Pat’s without worrying about varying costs from year to year.

The Board of Directors has set the tuition for the class of 2021 at $11,650.00. Families with sons in this class will have the luxury of having the same tuition payment for all four years. While the initial tuition cost may continue to change for classes that follow, once the tuition is set there will be no increases for future Shamrock families annually. With the realization that private Catholic education is an important but an expensive investment for families, this guarantee program will help budget finances and be an attractive benefit, as prospective families begin to look at high school options for their sons. 

St. Pat’s, because of the generous support of its donors, is also able to provide tuition assistance based on need to families who choose to take our entrance exam in January.