Office of Institutional Advancement Staff

Name Job Title Phone Contact
Ardito, Jeff Vice President of Institutional Advancement 773-282-9563 
Coffey, Janet Director of Corporation, Foundation and Annual Giv 773-282-8844 Ext. 314
Duffy, Ed Director of Marketing 773-282-8844 Ext. 231
Duggan, Patrick Donor Relations Officer 773-282-8844 Ext. 282
Fabrizio, Michael Assistant Director of Admissions 773-282-8844 Ext. 230
Fabrizio, Patti Director of Special Events and Parent Relations 773-282-8844 Ext. 257
Infante, Cathleen Assistant to the Director of Admissions 773-282-8844 Ext. 280
Motino, Wendy Benefactor Relations Associate 773-282-8844 Ext. 281
Nowak, Marybeth Advancement Associate 773-282-8844 Ext. 268
O'Brien, Matt Senior Director of Admissions and Donor Relations 773-286-8452 Ext. 267
O'Connor, Brian Director of Admissions, Freshman Football Coach 773-205-3770 Ext. 286
Prangl, John Director of Accounts Management/Stewardship 773-282-8844 Ext. 266
Santella, Gary Advancement Associate 773-282-8844 Ext. 224