Graduation Requirement

The academic programs are composed of courses designed to challenge the ability levels of all students. The graduation requirements are designed to meet the minimum requirements for college entrance and/or job applications.

  • 4 credits in English

  • 4 credits in Religion (1 credit each year and Junior Retreat) plus

  • Service Hours Requirement (Frosh 10, Soph 20, Jr 20)

  • 2 1/2 credits in Social Studies (1 World Studies, 1 US History, 1/2 credit in American Government and a passing grade on the Constitution Exam)

  • 3 credits in Mathematics, 4 credits beginng with the class of 2018

  • 2 credits in Laboratory Science (1/2 Physical Science, 1 Biology),  
    3 years of Science (2 Lab) beginning with the class of 2018

  • 2 credits in Physical Education/Health

  • 1 1/2 credit in Business (1/2 Keybd/WP, 1/2 Computer Apps, 1/2 Essential of Economics)

  • 1 credit in Fine Arts is required.  
    One half credit of the Fine Arts Survey class is required in the student's Freshman year
    with the remaining half credit availabl through Theatre Arts, Visual Art and Music as electives.

Students are required to take a typing course (or demonstrate typing proficiency) in order to enter junior year.  Keyboarding/Word Processing will be offered freshman and/or sophomore year.

Participation in Graduation Ceremony

In order to participate in the Graduation Exercises, a student must have met all the requirements indicated.  Students deficient in any credits will not be allowed to participate in the Graduation Exercises.