St. Pat’s recognizes and appreciates that a diverse student body is blessed with a wide range of academic talent. We capitalize on this diversity by integrating three programs of learning: ACADEMY, DELASALLE, PHOENIX.  These programs can function individually but are most often scheduled in combination with the other programs.  Students take full advantage of real-life, problem solving scenarios as they share their individual strengths in several non-tracked classes.

All programs have been designed to meet admission requirements at competitive colleges and universities.  Placement is a result of:

  1. Standardized elementary and placement test scores

  2. Elementary teacher and high school counselor recommendations

  3. Elementary school reports and Parent/student interviews

THE ACADEMY PROGRAM is tailor-made for students who are high performers. Students in this group are characterized by their high ability, special interests, demonstrated superior performance, and strong motivation. (View/Download)
Students can expect:

  • Honors Level, Advanced Placement, and PACC (Program for Advanced College Credit)

  • Opportunity for Graduate with Honors status

  • Competition in the spirit of cooperation

  • Weighted grades for higher GPA’s and class rank 

THE COLLEGE PREP DE LA SALLE PROGRAM offers a comprehensive course offering that  paves the way for admission into universities and colleges across the country.
Students can expect:

  • Curriculum focused on meeting competitive college admission requirements

  • Elective program designed to address special interests 

  • Classes tailor-made for success

THE COLLEGE PREP PHOENIX PROGRAM gives students the necessary skills to address their weaknesses and develop their strengths to move into the DE LA SALLE and ACADEMY PROGRAM.  (View/Download)
Students can expect:

  • Classes designed to encourage upward level placement

  • Resource support in selective classes

  • Smaller class size